Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Labradorite Stone

I'd like to share the stone that changed my life completely. This stone has been with me for over a year and a half now it never leaves my back pocket.It's called Labradorite and it's origins date back to the eighteenth century founded in Labrador Canada.Currently it is available in U.S.A, Finland, Norway, and Mexico some have this blue sheen, some have green, violet, or orange effects and rare ones showcase a rainbow of all these colors. It was interesting when I first bought the stone because I got it not knowing its metaphysical properties because in my opinion your intuition will guide you to the right stone. After that night when the stone was purchased I went to through my resource book and saw this and I quote" Labradorite is a powerful stone of magic and transformation awakening super-sensory abilities and the awareness of other states of energy". This stone was indeed made for me. It's such an amazing piece that it fits so perfectly in my palm like it was meant to be. I considered it my wand in a way. Sometimes my guides tell me to use it in healing sessions as a way for me to direct energy. To be honest I feel it symbolizes my growth spiritually and magically. In the beginning this stone was the only way I could direct energy however at some point I temporarily lost my stone and was forced to try to move energy through my hands. The first time I tried it worked.The only reason why I lost the stone was to teach me how to channel energy through my hands and direct it to where I would need it. Once I found my stone I felt it wasn't needed anymore. However I have it kind of like you have a cellphone, keys and wallet in your pocket it's just something I carry with me no matter what. Ultimately its become a part of me and will remain with me for the rest of my life


  1. I have heard that everyone should carry with them a special stone or which you can find such stones in Rock Stores. I bought a Purple Amethyst from a Rock Store near me that I keep with me at all times. I walked into the store and looked around at the various items and it just popped out at me, this small Amethyst and I knew I had to have it so I bought it and have kept it with me for over 2 years now. I feel great comfort in just holding it and running it through my fingers. Things such as this hold a Memory and Connection of and to this Earth as they have been here for many many years.

  2. I have discovered that stones are the simplest and the most evolved beings on the planet. They are fully conscious. I have had various stone friends over the years. My current one is a smooth river rock. I keep it my bed . And each night when I get in, I hold the stone and it begins to "sweat" water!--like a greeting. And it sends me such wonderful feelings of love. Later on it turns dry again.

    I once had an intense communication with a stone that showed me they are in perfect balance and that they "allow everything." This makes them incredibly blissed out all of the time! They are also the memory keepers--they recall when the earth was just rock--and then it began to "sweat water" also--to create the oceans, rivers, lakes and streams.

    Also, I had a dream that showed me that ALL crystals "cleanse the environment." So I keep a large beautiful cluster of clear crystals from the Himalayas on my dresser in my bedroom.

    Nice to meet others who love and understand stones too.

  3. @Brenda thank you so much for sharing that is interesting. I agree they are most evolved beings on the planet.

    @Calia I love Amethyst I also have a few on my dresser.

    Thank you ladies for commenting because of your feedback this blog keeps growing!